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williams pinball repair guide It takes us at least a day just to clean and lube the reels and adjust the switches. com Keywords: Pinball repair troubleshooting Get the best deals on Williams Pinball Manuals & Guides when you shop the Star Trek-The Next Generation Pinball Service/Repair Manual TNG Williams PPS XC. An Electro-mechanical pinball service is also available for 1960s-1970s machines, on a limited basis, subject to the availability of spares. WDP3211A-Williams System 3 to 11A and Data East Numeric display power supply Brand new release for 2019. The machines don’t change the voltage – it’s the same throughout the whole machine. SG1-23-850 Williams Pinball Coil (Thumper) Replacement coils and solenoids for Williams Pinball Machines. 15 Jun 2019 Tips for Williams Pinball games Refer to another switch on your playfield as a guide. Good used Williams Pinball Machine Parts For Sale for a variety of game titles. Bally Repair Procedures Manual – FO-560-1 – Used; SKU: Batman. 1993 Williams - STAR TREK, THE NEXT GENERATION pinball 1994 Bally - WORLD CUP SOCCER pinball 1994 Data East - MAVERICK pinball . pinballflyers. At the time when DataEast started out in 1987, Williams was the industry leader of pinball. 1969 Williams Expo help with ball stepping up Started by michael2468 , 19 Feb 2019 : Edition 1 their games were. Gottlieb Diamond Lady Pinball Manual The Diamond Lady coin-operated Pinball by Premier / Gottlieb (circa 1988), and it's history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, Page 4/17 A great racing themed pinball machine from designer legend Steve Kordek. BONUS GUIDE : Our own helpful pinball guide and instruction manual. Gorgar (14,000 produced) was the first talking pinball,. If you see a machine on this site that might interest you, call me and I'll set up a time for you to come by and check it out. With the playfield down, it did not. 99 Addams family wpc Pinball Williams Alien star Pinball Gottlieb Amazon For home sales, private parties and one day rentals – call us! I started Pinball News back at the end of 1999. 00 each Details | Related Items: Circus Queen (Bally) Game Manual (ORIGINAL) Part I was researching pinball machines when I found one of Canada's smartest techs and old school pinheads right here in Saskatoon. we also need to make sure the power supply has had all pins reflowed. Additionally, you may want to check out the services advertising in Game Room magazine and the pinGame Journal. And Williams manuals are usually pretty well done (as opposed to Gottliebs manuals that are hardly worth they paper they're printed on - You're better off with a parts catalog for Gottliebs. Most repair services will fix circuit boards by mail, but you should be comfortable removing and rein- stalling the boards before attempting this. Jun 20, 2009 · Bally Electronic Pinball Games Repair Procedures Manual dated June 1977 - F. If your pinball machine was built prior to 1989, chances are you have old style coils, poorly designed springs and weak EOS switches that burn out quickly. A look under the playfield Jun 27, 2020 · Future Pinball Guides Pinball Maintenance and Repair. Press on and Self Threading . org: Pinball has evolved over time. These are broken down into the major eras of Williams pinball machines, and should provide repair guides to almost all problems. All pinball machines have been thoroughly reconditioned with a 40 point checklist including; playfield restoration, wax, new rubber rings, all lights checked and replaced as necessary, all features tested and reconditioned as needed, all electronic circuits inspected and repaired. M = Manual, S = Schematics, L = Parts List P = Pinouts/wiring diagram, D = Dip switch settings Pinball Machine Price Guilde. Large selection of used and NOS hard to find manuals, parts catalogs, schematics, and related paperwork are for sale at www. The first two things I noticed were a broken coil sleeve and an elongated link spring (or Gate Mechanism Spring as the manual called it). I have more pinball schematics and manuals than anyone, anywhere. I'd also like to thank the community at rec. While Williams Bally and Data East created their games to last a lifetime, there is occasional maintenance that needs to be considered. 28 thoughts on “ The 10 Commandments of Pinball Repair and Maintenance ” James Ard on 2013-01-05 at 12:15 pm said: Mike, excellent words of wisdom that new (and probably even a few experienced) collectors need to hear! Manuals Manuals Now Half Posted Price Below; All manuals $15 unless otherwise noted. Fun for one player and much more fun with two players! The playfield is in great condition. 1991 Williams Slugfest - SOLD. Introduction. Some photos on this page are by the person from whom I purchased the machine (Diane Sauer). pinball machines self-tests, check if pinball machine is broken or has Note: this is just a quick overview guide, to help you if you have no clue at all about how a Williams/Bally WPC machines, even show a 'credit dot' to indicate there is a  This article is a detailed repair guide for the +5 volt section of many older Bally and Stern pinball machines. 2 bally/stern and williams guides with Williams Bally and Data East may not be producing pinball machines anymore, but they have created some of the best pinball games around. Pinball brands Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Data East, Sega, Stern and more. Ideal for games rooms, bars and leisure centres. SOURCES OF INFORMATION. We have discussed many things that effect value of pinball machines. Shooter tip (if applicable). Over 35 years experience. It is designed to be an aid with troubleshooting game start- 1987-1995 Data East/Sega Repair Sega/Stern White Star Repair Stern S. Other excellent on-line pinball repair guide Pitch and bat game has weak or non-functioning bat Reading EM schematics Re-inking flipper lettering Repair of white scoring reel mask Residual magnetism Restoring Rusted Stepper Plungers Save your paperwork Score motor cam removal Score motor problems Scoring reel or drum unit cleaning and maintenance 09/19: Diverter repair. Unsolder your now clearly marked wires with a 25w soldering iron. System 11 pinball machines resource. The components are stripped off the playfield. Thank You so much for your help in fixing the power board for me. Pinball Machines Arcade Games. And from the beggining when i bought the machine it had blown its main fuse in the cabinet. In almost every case, damage is a minimum and can be repaired easily by you, rather than sending the game back. Places like Marco Specialties and Pinball Resource sell pre-packaged kits of the necessary rubbers for your If you own a pinball machine, you need PINBALL REPAIR FOR ANYBODY! (THE ORIGINAL PINBALL MACHINE MAINTENANCE, TROUBLESHOOTING & BUYING GUIDE) Pinball machines are great fun but, like anything else, they break down from time to time. 3 System 6 or Electro Mechanical pinball game called Grand Prix Williams Pinball 2000 Star Wars Episode I Operation Manual (152 pages) Table Of Contents Bally Electronic Pinball Games Repair Manual This document is a repair guide for Williams System 11 pinball games made from 1986 (High Speed) to 1990 (Dr. Feeding your pinball habit. This can cause all the score displays in the game to work very weak, or not work at all. outboard - boat repair forum Space Odyssey electromechanical pinball made by Williams circa 1976. Especially Several pinball repair services are listed in the Pinball Archive FAQ. Some are cracked and chipped and some are perfect. Since all of the digits on the Player 1 display exhibited the same behavior, it seemed to narrow the issue down to either the 4049 chip for the Player 1 display located on the display board, or the signal entering this chip. If you want the entire archive, it is available in CD format at the Online Store. Rubber molded and screened. Dayton, OH 45403 Posted: 3 September 2020 The following is a step by step guide to the repair; and required bulletproofing that applies to all Sys6 (and much of Sys3-7). Williams Fall 1994  Repairing Williams CPU Boards. 2 Game List 2. 3) Send us the power driver board to repair! January 13, 2006 - Initial orders and parts are in. Yes, we do in-home repair on vintage 1977 and earlier pinball machines $75/hour plus $1. See more ideas about Pinball, Pinball machine, Machine service. By Appointment ONLY Monday - Sunday 9 AM - 5:00 PM We Buy, Sell, Repair, or Trade pinball machines, Dead or Alive Servicing the Northern Indiana, and Southern Michigan area. com, and Arcade-Manuals. RARE – Working – Atari Space Duel Arcade Video Game Read more; New Ms Pac Man 60 in 1 with LCD Read more; Popeye $ 0. Much of the previous Black Knight 1980 pinball content on this site is not available at this time. 2019-05-08T00:18:12+0000. Our inventory is EXTENSIVE, ranging from the most common to the obscure. Williams Parts Catalog 16-9932 not sure when from , but never been Click to go back to the Williams solid state repair guides index . Sega games are included from 1994 to 1995 as Sega bought DataEast in 1994. 00 Inc GST SKU: pincomp1930. Williams Earthshaker MPU repair and Test Even diode test doesn't help much with the RAM on this board. Sound is on the right. Description. These were the tables produced before the Pinball 2000 tables Revenge from Mars and Star Wars Episode One were made: Start by labeling the wires that go to the flippers. Thanks! The original Internet guide for troubleshooting and repairing  This document is a repair guide for Williams System 11 pinball games made from 1986 (High Speed) to 1990 (Dr. Original Parts Supplies, Ramps, Toys and Modding! Jun 15, 2019 · Several pinball repair services are listed in the Pinball Archive FAQ. LOCATION. Limited Edition! Bally Revenge From Mars Pinball Vinyl Die Cut Ramp Sticker – Alien Saucer $ 9. Our stock includes a HUGE archive of pinball SCHEMATICS, MANUALS, FLYERS and SALES BROCHURES. WILLIAMS DEMOLITION MAN Pinball Machine Game Operations Manual #5406 for sale - FREE SHIPPING $49. Manual is half written. Dude). So i have included an actual "bibliography" section in the Gottlieb System80 and Bally repair guides (others guides to follow). Pinball Manuals $24. O. Please consult the product pages at www. pinball for their tips and tricks, and last, but not least, the author of the excellent EM Repair Guide at PinballHQ, Clay Harrel. 99 $ 4. Cable Clamps Paradise for Pinball Enthusiast. IMPORTANT: Before you Start! This document should help if you just bought your first (or second, or third) pinball "as-is", and hope to fix it. htm if you have Internet access. Other than that the project went rather smooth. See the link for them. Williams El Toro Serving the Pinball Community Since 1999. As it is now this makes it useless. Not your typical repair guide, but then again, these aren't typical machines! This document is a repair guide for Electro-Mechanical (EM) coin operated games made up to about 1978. PINBALL TUNE-UP & REPAIR KIT. 1987-1995 DataEast/Sega Pinball Repair Guide Games from Laser War to Batman Forever. While Williams closed it pinball segment in 1999, they were some of the most popular games around! And you still see many Williams machines in service today. Leg Levelers: replace those old crummy looking leg levelers with brand new ones. This kit provides approximately 2 sets of fuses typically found on the early System 3-6 solid state pinball machines. Just be sure to specify the name of the machine when ordering. net #pinballmanual. This document is a repair guide for Williams System 11 pinball games made from 1986 (High Speed) to 1990 (Dr. Getting a Pinball Repair Technician to service your pinball machine at home can easily run you hundreds of Description. Just because these are used pinball machines doesn't mean they are anything to scoff at. com, doesn't provide any help for these first types of solid state Williams pinball games. Planet Nine Pinball – Las Vegas, NV, and Long Storefronts have rent, utilities, licenses, insurance, and employee costs. Updates of this document are available for no cost at http://marvin3m. Be sure to replace the wires in the same position as the original coil and that the silver band on the coil diode is facing the same position as your old one. Then label the coils themselves. Jun 07, 2014 · title=Williams_Repair_Guides) . Possible use of test eprom for model 3/6, see at end of the manual. It appears to have been this way for quite a while. Williams Jokerz pinball game… Fun game, very kid friendly and oriented. M. Electronic Pinball Games game pdf manual download. A. The components are cleaned. Call (978) 376-9438 | Email: redfive05@comcast Specialties: Repairs for most make and model jukeboxes and pinball machines including antiques. Jul 05, 2012 · Here is the breakdown for Williams Repair Guides. We also make many other universal replacement pinball boards including Solenoid, Lamp and Test Cards. One-hundred unique tables were released for Pinball Arcade over the course of six years. places pinball machines in #6, Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure (Williams,1993). Pinball Schematics & Manuals. High Quality Reproductions with Binding. We feature a huge library of schematics, manuals, parts catalogs, and repair guides. It combines the previous industry and collector supportor efforts of the International Arcade Museum, Arcade-Docs. 877. gamearchive. Chuck at CP Pinball supplied the transformer. All the major pinball parts suppliers sell rubbers. Nov 17, 2020 · Pinball cable and repair kits Gottlieb, Williams, Bally and even Zaccaria. Typical EM pinball machines use only two voltages – 6 volts for lights, 25 volts for coils. 560-3 Williams Electronic Pinball Games Repair Procedures - Document is from December of 1979 Gottlieb System 1 Theory of Operation and Diagnostic/Repair manual Williams No Fear Pinball Manual Set 1995 . The extensive cleaning process of a pinball machine takes in excess of 8 hours to complete. 588 likes. REPAIR AND RESTORATION. GPS081-Gottlieb System 80 Pinball Power Supply. May 23, 2012 · The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Buying and Owning a Pinball Machine. 1977 - 1984 Williams System 3 - System 7; 1984 Williams System 8 (Pennant Fever and Still Crazy) 1985 - 1990 Williams System 9 and System 11; 1990 - 1999 Williams WPC System Title: Williams Pinball Troubleshooting and Reference Manual Author: James T. "Suspense" is a Williams electro-mechanical pinball from Williams circa 1969. This is a drop in replacement for Williams pinball machines using the System 7 – 11b power supply board. Pinball Machine Fuse Kit aka Gulf Stream 1973 Williams Gulfstream, 5 fuses that are used for the Main Line, Bridge Rectifier and DC Coil circuits,1973 Williams Gulfstream Eyes Fuse Kit, Our Gulfstream Fuse Kit includes a total of 10 fuses, that are used in the machine, The kit includes PCX Pinball LLC. The Internet Pinball Database Paradise for Pinball Enthusiast. ONLY $11. SFL-21-400/33-1300 Williams Pinball Coil (Flipper) Replacement coils and solenoids for Williams Pinball Machines. Avoid import leg levelers if possible; the feet rip off very easily. System Repair Stern SPIKE System Repair Gottlieb. February 1, 2006 - First use of tester to repair a CPU board. MOUNT VERNON, MO 65712 (417) 471-1005 Fax (417) 471-1006 We offer FLAT-RATE Board Repairs on most Pinballs and Video Games from the Repair method for Williams cpu model 7 ; With special test-eprom . Gorgar pinball williams Mata Hari bally pinball. The Getaway Pinball Operations Service Repair Manual High Speed II Willi The Getaway Pinball Machine High Speed II By Williams The Getaway High Speed Ii~pinball Metal Ramp~used~ Williams 1992~ Clay's Pinball Repair Guides: The BEST Pinball repair resource on the net. Bally, Data East, Gottlieb, Sega, Stern, Williams, and other manufacturers. com ? All it goes to is an index of picture files now. Wizard Amusement– Southern California. Since Williams Pinball is no longer in business, and since the original manual is no longer in print, I figured I'd give those unfortunate folks a break - who bought a pinball machine from someone who did not include a manual with the game! (This is like buying a car without any keys!). Document describes troubleshooting steps, game adjustments, and component assemblies and service guides for the Wizard pinball game machine. barracora,comet,fan tas tic,firepower,flash,gorger,grand prix,high speed,liberty bell,pinbot,police force,road kings,space station,stellar wars Dec 01, 2015 · How to prepare an Atari pinball to be moved (common to most pins) Danger -Williams pinball essential modification! A great idea for moving pins! Substituting Stern <--> Bally 7 digit displays A better way to deal with electrical connection problems Testing game transformers for shorts Weak Flippers - pins after about 1990 Williams publication # 16P-487-100 for electronic solid-state (SS) Williams pinball games. Arcade Manual: Wizard, by Bally Manufacturing Corporation, Installation and General Game Operation Instructions. Even the most known site for repair manuals, Clay's pages at marvin3m. We are posting it for your information. Due to their physical–chemical similarity with bone mineral, calcium phosphate (CaP) bioceramics, with prominent exponents hydroxyapatite (HA, Ca 10 (PO 4) 6 (OH) 2) and β-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP, Ca 3 (PO 4) 2), are already used or envisaged to be employed, in pure or blended form, in a continuously increasing number of biomedical applications with the main focus on Browse verified compatible pinball parts for Williams TERMINATOR 2 from Marco Specialties. Serving East… Game Manuals & Schematics. The playfield is cleaned, polished, & waxed. Switched its fuse with another pinball from williams from 1989 and the machine turned on but made a pretty LOUD weird noise from speakers when it first turned on but then went to attract mode. C $119. com Shoot Again Amusements- Specializes in the Repair/Restoration of Pinball, Jukebox and Arcade Games in MA and NH areas. Card theme! This game has 2 flippers, 2 pop bumpers, 2 slingshots, a bunch of drop targets and stationary targets, a kickback, and ramps. I have been collecting these for over 30 years from manufactures, distributors, various shows, and operators all over the country. com for each type of Pinball Board Repair - with Free Estimates! All Williams, Bally, Stern and Data East Games! Repair Prices run at $90. The backglass is in great condition too. Used on games like Red and Ted and many others. Resolution. The first commandment, thou needs a Hard Copy Manual for a Pinball. Getting Started: Troubleshooting (quick guide) This document is a repair guide for Electro-Mechanical (EM) pinball games made For example, if your Bally or Williams game won't light up after turning it on  Service - Williams-Williams Pinball Troubleshooting Manual 16-8955. The Pinball Wizard has Thousands of Pinball Machine Parts - Shop By Game - LED Bulbs - LED's - Circuit Boards - Speakers - Rubber Ring Kits - Pinballs - Plastics - Playfield - Posts - Cabinet Parts - Rubber Rings - Electronics - Coils - Flipper Rebuild Kits and Parts - Game Specific - Shop By Game - and MUCH MORE! Pinball Repair and Arcade Game Repair Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas 682-553-0912 Request a Quote. This site will help you understand pricing trends, how to determine condition, pinball sales trends, productions numbers and rare machines and what a pinball machine should be worth in the private market and the retail market. Williams Jive Time 1971 Pinball IM Williams Magic City 1967 Pinball S Tape on S, Blueprint Copy Williams Magic Town 1967 Pinball S Tape on S Williams Pit Stop 1968 Pinball S IM Score Misc Williams Pit Stop 1968 Pinball S IM Williams Set-Up 1969 Pinball S Williams Shangri-La 1967 Pinball S(2) Icard Score Blueprint Williams Skylab & Spacelab 1974 Pinball Machine Repair in Detroit on YP. Updated almost daily by someone who has owned over 20 of these great games. 1. Devron's passion for this hobby goes well beyond just a business. 1980 Black Knight Pinball Schematics- Brand new. Pinball Troubleshooting Manual - Firepower and Later. $41. C $25. part of planetary pinball! pinball. This two player pinball sent us looking for missing parts on it's match unit. The Pinball Resource Pinball Manuals and Schematics Webpage. 00 Read more DONKEY KONG JR ARCADE GAME WORKING BLACKOUT PINBALL MACHINE WILLIAMS Williams EARTHSHAKER Pinball PLASTIC SET No Reserve 's what I think is a complete set. Additionally, you may  I also have schematics and manuals for most arcade and video games. d. 1993 Williams - NO FEAR - DANGEROUS SPORTS pinball. Stern Spider Man RED $5,499 Jun 12, 2008 · Jokerz Williams Pinball Game – $2,495. Stern copied Williams. Specializing in BACKGLASSES, CIRCUIT BOARD SALES and REPAIR. This appeared to be because the two gate diverter arms weren't reaching far enough into the ball's path. 1) Rebuild the 5v logic supply on you WPC Power Driver board Website Link. I was researching pinball machines when I found one of Canada's smartest techs and old school pinheads right here in Saskatoon. 99 each Games marked with * are $29. 3" are used on newer solid state games, and 2" levelers are used on EM's. I would like to add that Gottlieb System3 is an excellent pinball system View and Download Bally Electronic Pinball Games repair manual online. State pinball fan base, youll still want to read on as we discover a [what is pinball?] [pinball & me] [my room] [my pinball machines] [operator's stuff] [how to get your own] [visual pinball] Links This page has the links to all the good pinball websites I know of, categorized by what they offer. 5 h. Jukebox brands, Rowe AMI, Rock-Ola, Seeburg, Wurlitzer. Michigan Pinball– Blog for the Detroit Pinball Club. Some Bally games from 1988 to 1990 are also included as Williams bought the Bally pinball name in 1988. 574. Collectors can find the hottest Williams pinball machines for sale at The Pinball Company, with free shipping available on select machines! Skip to content 1. If the score reels are not working perfectly the game will not run. This process doesn't end with the. K The main problem with most EM pinballs is the score reels. I'll start these at a low $25 with Electro-Mechanical Pinball machine pictures and information. Repair guides, history, and much, much, more is constantly being added to PinWiki. We can repair or swap almost any boards from Williams system 11 ,some WPC also ,Data East boards,Gotlieb boards,email us please about Your custom request ! Get the best deals on Pinball Manuals & Guides when you shop the largest online Black Knight 2000 Pinball Operations/Service/Repair Manual Williams PPS 8C/SC This document is a repair guide for Williams and Bally WPC pinball games made from 1990 (Funhouse) to 1999 (Cactus Canyon). €59. Hawes Subject: Scanned by www. Williams Pinball Troubleshooting & Reference Manual - 1986 (ORIGINAL) Part #: PM0640 Condition: Used (Original) 79 pages. (2019) Image repair in the aftermath of inaccurate polling: How the news media responded to getting it wrong in 1948 and 2016, Journal of Political Marketing, 18:1-2, 148-177. Some Bally games from 1988 to 1990  21 Apr 1986 this book from obsoleting other literature. (WMS, 1985-2000) (circa 1988), and it's history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, for sale and wanted lists, and census survey is brought to you by The International Arcade Museum at the Museum of the Game. 24 Jul 2015 The Shadow Pinball Machine Repair Guide | Pinball Heaven are UK Based pinball machine specialists with thousands of parts in stock. com Pinball (189) Marquees (220) Williams repair and maintenance manual for its solid state flipper pinballs beginning with Firepower and later games. Bally, Heighway, Stern and Williams. Pinball Machine Repair in Cincinnati on YP. Williams Star Trek the Next Generation (STNG) manual, New PPS reprint Printed on High Quality 24lb paper This is a replacement (reprint) manual Card Stock Glossy / Colored per original Cover and backpage Foldout pages as per originals (where applicable) Hole punched and stapled Part #16-50023-101-1 ashampoo 3d manual internet pinball machine database: williams 'space answers williams | literature & manuals new holland lx465 owners manual ted williams 7. WMPU-1001: Williams I / O Driver. His approach to business is, "copy the industry leader". 99--all others $24. For video game and slot machine repairs, we recommend the best in the Valley: Roxy’s Game Room: 480-988-0166. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED or your money back!! DataEast pinball (then Sega pinball, and now Stern Pinball!) is really a Gary Stern company. com) Drop Target Replacement Guide (stevekulpa. D. Download card PDF file. Wide Area Repair- Arcade & Pinball Machine Servicing, Downingtown, Pennsylvania. p. Email your request. Sys. Tagged: fix, Pinball, Pinbot, repair, switches, williams, Wiring. Games vary a bit and this combination gives you enough for most. Step 8: Double check your work. Related products. php?title=Williams_Repair_Guides) . After doing a little research, and checking connections and things, I realized the DMD board died. This one is a bit rough but cleaned up O. Mr. The aim of this guide is to familiarise you on how to keep this superb game running with the least amount of problems. Though pinball is stressed the most in this document, this information applies to most EM arcade games made from the 1930s to 1978. A full line of WPC cables I also have Gottlieb System 1 and 80 MPU to Driver cables and kits. -----Some people have mentioned that the repair guides may use other people's words. ← 1984 Bally Spy Hunter Repair Pt 2 New Listing INDIANA JONES PINBALL MACHINE WILLIAMS REPLACEMENT PARTS NOS 1969 Williams Pinball Machine Parts Catalog Volume 1 Service & Repair Manual PPS. made before 1978. Fits all Standard Electronic and E/M. This is a testament to how well built and designed these games are. The diverter wasn't reliably directing the balls where they were supposed to go. But for deep troubleshooting, the manual can be helpful. Aug 9, 2020 - Original pinball machine service repair manuals for sale. Norman Williams. pdf 3. Williams / Bally Eddy Sensor Part # A-18543-2. All other issues were typical for a game this old. Contents 1 Introduction 2 Games 2. HelpWire is the ultimate one-stop shop for people of all expertise levels looking for help on all kind of topics -- tech, shopping and more. It played Pinball Manuals Available We carry many hard to find Manuals for your pinball repair needs. FLORIDA PINBALL REPAIR & SERVICE – Tampa, Lutz, Land O' Lakes, Wesley Chapel 1988 Williams Jokerz! Repair Gallery. All those relays made it happen. A brief overview of pinball schematics. HI-TECH Welcome to The Pinball Chick complete buyer's guide for The Pinball Arcade. Buck Rogerslike Buck Rogers, Cleopatra, Sinbad, or. Interior view. For detailed information see this Word Document Includes: Williams WPC Security (WPC-S) Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) Production: 6,259 units (confirmed) Serial Number Database: View at The Internet Pinball Serial Number Database (External site) Theme: Travel: Specialty: Widebody : Notable Features: Flippers(4), Pop bumpers (3), Slingshots (2), Shaker motor, two manual plungers. 1985-1989 Bally 6803 Pinball Repair Guide Pinball Spare Parts. 00 + mileage Since 2001, experience in repairing pinball machines since 1988. 13 Aug 2020 I demonstrate how to use a simple tool to fix the leaf switch blades and put them back into position, as well as some other techniques for making  I assume some of the information will be general to Williams machines that According to Clay's guide and posts on RGP, Diodes D11-14 need to be replaced. He successfully coached me to fully repair and restore my first ever restoration, the magnificent Firepower. Firebird Pinball Phoenix, Arizona 602-386-9356. When your pinball machine is ready to be serviced, it first goes through a rigorous cleaning. As you can see the machine has a nice playfield. Price Guide of Pinball Machines. Original Parts Supplies, Ramps, Toys and Modding! AlltekSystems is the maker of the Ultimate MPU Replacement Board for pinball machines. Tom also uses the introduction to show his personally-deemed most important recommendations for pinball repair tools and repair/troubleshooting techniques, which are available via the CD to both types of pin-heads. I also have schematics and manuals for most arcade and video games. Pinball 101. Williams System 11 Sound Board with added functionality (June 2020?. Firebird Pinball – Our own shop and repair blog. Ready for Delivery or shipping. Pinball & Coin-Op Game Repair Guides: Beginning Pinball Repair Read before working on a pinball or a pinball circuit board! 1930s to 1978 EM (Electro-Mechanical) Pinball Repair Guide Guide for fixing electro-mechanical coin operated games of all types including repairing pinballs, bowlers, pitch & bats, etc. Stern is a very smart businessman. & Russell, K. 99 Add to cart; Sale! SOLD! “Space Shuttle” Pinball Machine circa 1984 $ 2,900. 2 WPC (Dot Pinball Repair & Maintenance for the home owner - simple and easy to follow - for beginners to experts. 1 Barrel and 1 shooter. For more information on pinballs, repair, parts, backglasses, values, go to Pinball Resource Center repair guide (interestingly, some people have been asked to be REMOVED from this). Cabinet imperfections filled, sanded, spot-puttied and touched up by a professional artist. WMPU-1000: Williams MPU System 7, 7A. The Pinball Resource archives 1000's of coin-op manuals/schematics with a special emphasis on pinball. The display is new. Shop diagnostic and troubleshooting / repair manual for Williams electronic solid-state (SS) pinball games. Addams Family Gold, which was available only to Kickstarter backers, is… Williams Terminator 2 $4,499. BLACK KNIGHT DIAGRAMS AND SYSTEM 7 SCHEMATICS All PDF Drawings and Web Content on this site are considered original art and are not for any commercial use. Rubbers for this game are very easy to replace. POLISH : Novus full 8oz size polish cleaner. IMPORTANT: Before you Start! Williams System 6 Pinball Repair and Resources The original Internet guide for troubleshooting and repairing these classic machines. first, check all fuses with a meter. Cheap parts for repairs all types of pinballs Contact: Eric Spain voice: 937-963-8442 1616 Darst Ave. ‎Repairing Williams/Bally WPC Pinball Games from 1990 to 1999 NOTE:This document is a repair guide for Williams and Bally WPC pinball games made from 1990 (Funhouse) to 1999 (Cactus Canyon). HDW3000-100 100 Pack only $10. However, WPC pre-Fliptronics kits for Bally / Williams pins cost only $20. 1 World Cup Soccer locks on Right Sling and both Left and Right Kickout Holes at Power On 1 Introduction This guide covers Williams WPC (sometimes called WPC-089), WPC-S, and WPC-95 games. 560 Bally Electronic Pinball Games Repair Procedures Manual dated October 1981- F. 00 Inc GST Dec 12, 2017 · Pinball FX3 - Williams™ Pinball: Volume 4 Loading See details This stunning collection of three authentic Williams™ tables includes WHITE WATER™, RED AND TED'S ROAD SHOW™, and HURRICANE™. When the playfield was up, the third switch usually worked. Pinball parts and electronics, K'sArcade offers repair and the largest supply of pinball circuit boards, new or reconditioned. Download Williams Blackout Pinball machine Service manual, 2009 Arctic Cat ATV 400 500 550 700 1000 Thundercat Service, 2009 Arctic Cat UTV Prowler XT XTX Service Repair Manual, Clark G127, GP127, G127E, GP127E Forklift* Factory Service / Repair/ Workshop Manual Instant Download! DPS004-Data East "Small and Medium Sized" DMD Pinball Power Supply . Williams 1989 Black We are THE VINTAGE PARTS DISTRIBUTOR for classic pinball machines. . Hopefully this repair guide will grow with time. In house Special $88 and hour Inc GST in our Workshop PINBALL MACHINES. Williams Diner Pinball Missing Symptom. Paris and Versailles Photo Gallery Travel Information. 50. 95 Nov 21, 2019 · Repair and Sales in Colorado serving Canon City, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Salida, Florence, Fremont County, and Colorado Springs Thursday, November 21, 2019 1984 Williams Time Fantasy Pinball Machine - For Sale Boston Pinball Ebay Summary– Online price guide Pinball Repair Blogs. Here is the procedure to adjust the volume on all Bally/Midway/Williams WPC tables. -----Deeper into the guide: FIREPROOFING SYSTEM 3-11 GAMES (p2) BULLETPROOFING THE POWER SUPPLY (p2) CRACKED SOLDER JOINTS - EVERY GAME HAS THEM (p2) UPDATING SYSTEM 3-6 BOARDS INTO SYSTEM 7 (p3) Category listing of pinball Williams. Williams WPC-95 Schematic Manual for its WPC series pinball machines. WILLIAMS Pinball Troubleshooting & Reference Manual or any  flipper pinball games from their classic era. Repair and Sales in Colorado serving Canon City, Pueblo, Pueblo West, Salida, Florence, Fremont County, and Colorado Springs Friday, July 27, 2018 1976 Williams Blue Chip Pinball Machine - Personal Collection Ralph Gangloff - Pinball Repair and Circuit Board Repair for all Williams, Bally and Gottlieb Pinball Machines and Arcade Games. Williams Service - Williams-Williams Fall 1994 Service Bulletin Book. Leave a Comment There is rarely a dull moment in owning pinball machines as there’s always something that needs fixing or adjusting. 00 $ 2,500. Jump to navigation . The cause, the number 1 cause is all the 5v supply on the pinball machine failing, so you need to rebuild this (we sell a kit for this if you are good with a soldering iron) or replace parts. 00 shipping  Specializing in pinball repair kits and pinball related electronics for Bally, Stern, Gottlieb and Williams. 16-9932. This document is part one of three (part two is here, and part three is here). A hybrid video-pinball system that introduced a 3-dimensional "virtual" playfield, only 2 Pinball 2000 titles were produced before Williams pulled out of pinball manufacturing in October of 1999. Lists of Pinball Models. It developed out of my own personal website which had largely consisted of reports from pinball and trade shows. LAST NOTE. Everything is designed to either use 6 volts (for lights) and 25 volts (for everything else). We are a link to the pinball factories and can offer vintage and new parts from Williams, Bally/Midway and Data East/Sega/Stern Pinball as well as manufacturing many of the Gottlieb® parts. testing began April 2020) Williams/Bally WPC DCS Sound Board (in the works. It also has multiball too. 4 meg. Widebody Pinball Cabinet Dimensions aka Gulf Stream 1973 Williams Gulfstream Pinball Machine Fuse Kit. Manuals for Bingo Pinballs. I certainly hope this is the case for Gottlieb system3 pinballs too. Connector pins and housings: used to repair burnt connectors. The catalyst for change was the closure of Williams’ pinball division in November 1999. Great for the whole family. pinitech. Renewed ( 21/10/2003 ) memory test. 3, 4, 6, 6A, 7, 7A. 6225 After thinking about purchasing a pinball machine of my own for some time, my wife decided to buy one for me for Father's day 2005. Browse over 30,000 in-stock pinball parts at Marco Specialties Williams System 3-6 Fuse kit . 1993 Williams - BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA pinball . Gulfstream Pinball Machine Here is the breakdown for Williams Repair Guides. next, we have to make sure all connectors everywhere (esp power supply) are. Renewed june 2005 extra memory test ,extra sound test. We can supply you with paperwork for Pinball Machines, bowling machines, gun games, video, and other mechanical arcade equipment. Our pinball boards work in most Bally® and Stern® pinball machines. Detailed information for every pinball game made. These fuses are all quality Bussman/Cooper or Littelfuse fuses. Got Schematics? Having a schematic for the  He also has several repair guides for Williams System 3-7 games. 5 Repair Logs and Game Specific Problems and Fixes 5. May 11, 2018 · Pinball Arcade is the most realistic and comprehensive pinball simulation ever created! Play digital versions of over 35 real pinball tables including Mary Shelley's Frankenstein™, Ghostbusters PINBALL NVRAM GAME LIST This list was created to make it easier for customers to figure out what type of NVRAM they need for each machine. Visit here before any attempt is made to fix your pin! A MUST SEE! Cows & Easter Eggs: All the SECRET things pinball machines do. 1 1/16" Pinballs: a new pinball will make your playfield last longer. Ball shot into play crosses the playfield to get to the top. "Shop" repair manual more In Stock $25. Bally Module and Component Replacement FO 560-1. Full Connector Upgrade Kit. When I pulled the wire, it worked better. Now you can put the game back together again without blowing anything up. Beautiful LED lighting landscape – Upgraded Alternate Translite Backglass Artwork – Playfield Protector – Pingraphics Inner cabinet Art Blades – Ship & Helicopter MODs – Original Manual – Shopped & Clean. The Jokerz! coin-operated Pinball by Williams Electronic Games, Inc. Got Schematics? Having a schematic for your game  If so, why not make a donation to help support the site. The APS011 is a near plug and play replacement for the Williams D-11813 and D-12247 assembly found in Williams and Bally pinball machines using the System 11B and 11C auxiliary driver board. TAMA, The Arcade Manual Archive, strives to be the Internet's premier technical manual resource for amusement industry technology. Apparently it is not obvious enough. IMPORTANT: Before Starting! IF YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE IN CIRCUIT BOARD REPAIR, YOU SHOULD NOT TRY TO FIX Y… 1980-1989 Gottlieb System 80 Repair Guide (Great games such as Haunted House and Black Hole) 1990-1999 Williams/Bally WPC Repair Guide (Funhouse to Cactus Canyon) Pinball Restoration Guide (Includes touching up the backglass and playfield, and clear coating ('DiamondPlating') a playfield using Varathane) This document is a repair guide for DataEast and Sega pinball games made from 1987 (Laser War) to 1995 (Batman Forever). Tim Arnold's Pinball Palace. Pinball Rehab– Repair and restoration blog Pinball Repair in other areas. May 06, 2009 · Alternatively on the Williams EM machines one of the counter units has to advance properly before it will return the ball, it could be one of the counters (cant recall which one controls it, im at work and my manual is at home). . Williams WPC From PinWiki Click to go back to the Williams solid state repair guides index (http://pinwiki. 99 $ 12. Or lack thereof. With the best audio Widebody Pinball Cabinet Dimensions. Manufacturer: Williams Model Number: 486 MPU: Williams System 4 Type: Solid State Electronic (SS) Production: 19,505 units Theme: Fantasy Notable Features: Flippers (3), Pop bumpers (3), 5-bank drop targets (1), 3-bank drop targets (1), Kick-out hole (1). Notre Dame,Louvre,Eiffel Tower REPAIR; ARCADE BOARD RMA REPAIR SHEET Obsolete IC’s arcade Rare Manuals arcade & pinball. Dated more Out of Stock $30. This video was made to assist in the repair of EM late model Williams 4 player pinball machines. 00 each Order Bally Electronic Pinball Games Repair Procedures Manual - Module & Component Replacement FO-560-1. WDP011A - Replaced by WDP3211A. and the Concept photo of the Pinball CPU board tester. Tools and Supplies for Restoring Pinball Machines. Bally; United. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Pinball Machines in Cincinnati, OH. Pinball Repair Some manuals for sale are listed here. Below I show the "art work" I did to color in the player's helmet in red (see Upgrade the sound and start a new game! On our goal to develop an outstanding pinball machine upgrade, we’ve put inside the PinSound+ card the best technology available. We Ship Worldwide! Jul 19, 2020 · Of course some of the usual resources were consulted like the Clay's Williams System 11 Repair Guides at pinrepair. , n. Bookmark the permalink . 99 Add to cart; Sale! Ten (10) Attack/Revenge From Mars Style Die Cut Pinball Target Stickers “With” Center Rivet Hole $ 18. These are broken down into the major eras of Williams pinball machines, and should provide repair guides to   This document is a repair guide for Williams and Bally WPC pinball games made from 1990 (Funhouse) to 1999 (Cactus Canyon). Fix Williams Bally Stern Gottlieb EM SS solidstate flippers pop bumpers slingshot circuit boards PCB display digital logic probe. The Shadow Pinball Machine Repair Guide. But these games can be decades old. games. 99 $ 6. 95 The resistors R48 and R49 (39k ohm) on the AlphaNumeric Display board often fail and go open, or go out of spec. $29. 2. For electro-mechanical pinball repairs, we recommend our good friend Mark Pratt: 480-628-2716. 99 Add to cart; Sale! Nine (9) Gottlieb, Williams, Bally Style Bullseye Pinball Die Cut Vinyl Target Artwork – Blue/Red/White $ 14. Pinball replacement circuit boards from Rottendog Amusements, Alltek Systems, Ni-Wumph, Swemmer Electronics, Pinpoint Electronics, Gulf Pinball, Great Lakes Modular, Williams, Bally, Gottlieb, Data East, Sega, Stern Pinball, Capcom, Game Plan. The service notes follow: 1990-1999 Williams/Bally WPC Pinball Repair Guide Games from Funhouse to Cactus Canyon. Before replacing a score display, replace BOTH of these 39k resistors with "flame proof" 1 or 2 watt versions. Good Condition. Fix Williams Bally Stern Gottlieb EM SS solidstate  WPC betekent "Williams Pinball Controller". He has one of the . The machine is the "Space Shuttle" by the Williams Pinball Company. 1977-1985 Bally/Stern Pinball Repair Guide Classic Bally games like Kiss, Xenon, and 8 Ball. not burned. When that announcement came, everyone was saying pinball was dead, finished, buried. All new plastic posts and lane guides Title: Williams Terminator 2: Judgment Day (L-8) Author: AntoPISA Subject: MAME 0. ) First, as a readily-available learning tool for 'The Collector', and second, as in-depth repair guides for 'Game Owners'. Pinball Manualprofessional team of representatives and agents provide a complete sales service supported by our in-house marketing and promotions team. Fix Williams Bally Stern Gottlieb EM SS solidstate flippers  6387 games. Bram Stokers Dracula, Williams, 1993. to the guide. Restoration, Sales and IN-Home Service. Congratulations! Welcome to the eclectic group of individuals known has pinball hobbyists. When cleaning electrical connections, unplug the machine and discharge the capacitors. 00 Flat Rate Plus Parts / $25 Return Shipping fee for both Repaired or Returned Non-Repaired Boards. Williams System 11B and 11C Auxiliary Driver Power board. Chronologic information, pictures & features of Williams pinball and arcade  Russ Jensen's Pinball Troubleshooting Guide (no longer in print as Russ has But some games (mostly Gottlieb and Williams) also use some 120 volt coils. Sep 23, 2020 · PinWiki is a wiki designed for any information about pinball machines. Williams Game Evolution 1943-1960. So long, and thanks for all the fish! Tor Arne # Sep 15, 2017 · To avoid some potential issues, keep your pinball machine clean. Starting at only $10. New parts BALLY FLIPPER IN A WILLIAMS GAME Welcome To THE PINBALL RESOURCE WEBPAGE, we offering a unique and new parts from Williams, Bally/Midway and Data East/Sega/Stern Pinball We feature a huge library of schematics, manuals, parts catalogs, and repair guides. The Addams Family pinball was the Vid's Guide - Quick Bally Driver Board Repair/Bulletproofing how-to-not-get-ripped-off-in-pinball-vids-guide. Internet Availability of this Document. Pinball machines from the 1940s to the 1990s. This guide provides you with full ratings, reviews, and buying options for those tables. 00365-00300-0000 Feb 24, 2016 · This entry was posted in General, Repairs and tagged Bram Stokers Dracula, BSD, Mist Multiball, NC, north carolina, Pinball, pinball machine, repair, Williams. com/fix. Parts for repair, operation, and modification of commercial and home use pinball machines. We are the leader in Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan in Pinball repair, sales, and service. We have some game specific parts and just about every type of part used in most pinball games - coils, coil sleeves, fasteners, playfield posts, flipper rebuild kits, bumper caps, switch covers, microswitches, springs, stand up targets and many more. ELDORADO GAMES, LTD. free download . WDP011C-Williams System 11B/C Alphanumeric Pinball Power Supply. Flipper rebuild kits for 1975 to 1988 pins cost from $40 on up. Our prices are based on the 2018 Mr Pinball Price Guide for a "very good" machine in working order. Pinball: Lots of great information and a great classified section. Brand New. Open up the machine and use alcohol-based cleaning products to clean electrical connections to keep the unit properly working. The origins of modern pinball can be traced from childrens Bagatelle games of the 1800s ("adult" Bagatelle games were quite different!), to the Electro Mechanical (EM) pinballs of the 1930s onwards, and by the 1960s they started to resemble how a modern machine looks today. All help you need! williams pinball parts! All in one place! helpwire. 2 System 4 2. Pinball Repair & Maintenance for the home owner - simple and easy to follow - for beginners to experts. 3. HDW3000-50 50 Pack only $6. 00 per mile travel cost The minimum charge for an in-home repair is $75. (jan 1, 2020) bay area amusements – now . Williams 1980 Black Knight pinball machine splash page on Pinside. Williams Star Trek Set of 3 Pinball Manuals Bally Electronic Pinball Games Repair Manual Original 1978 . Pinball Machine Restoration Tools & Supplies. Additionally, we encourage you to visit the web sites of manufacturers currently in operation: Namco Arcade, Sega Arcade Pinball 2000 - Continuing with the Microsoft naming convention, Williams introduced Pinball 2000 in 1999 with "Revenge from Mars". com/wiki/index. 00 Read more NEW ITEM!!! World Cup Soccer Ball (Bally) Soccer Ball for the World Cup Soccer pinball machine by Bally. Bally; Gottlieb ; Williams ; Data East ; Stern; Chicago; Exhibit Supply; Genco; United. Bally 1987 Pinball Pinball Game Common Assemblies / 1986-1987 / ~46 Pages Old style Williams. another view of the artwok and overall machine. Welcome to System11. Includes 11 very large pages of schematics. Jul 27, 2020 · Myers, C. GPS002-Gottlieb System 1 Pinball Power Supply . Back To Manuals On CD Page > Six (6) Bally 1973 Nip It Style Pinball Target Artwork Die Cut Vinyl Stickers $ 14. Reset Popup My goal in this business is to help pinball hobbyists and make life easier when it comes to buying parts and accessories. We have a large selection of coils for early mechanical and later electronic Williams games that control flippers, jet bumpers, ball kick out holes and other systems. DALLAS ST. 75: Williams MPU System 3, 4, 6, 6A. Other boards?? All carriers have a $500 deductible for damage. This board replaces original Williams part number D-8345-xxx or 117667 and Data East Part Number 520-5000-00. They have withstood the test of Below is a list of trade stimulator manufacturers & models for your information. 99 Add to cart; Sale! Nine (9) Gottlieb, Williams, Bally Style Bullseye Pinball Die Cut Vinyl Target Pinball machines covered by our repair service are 1978 - 2000s Bally/Williams, Stern, Data East, Sega, 1990s Gottliebs. The Halo Effect: Evidence for Unconscious Alteration of Judgments. ) System 11 Main Boards (late 2020 hopefully) We are hoping to expand our product line by adding new boards compatible with Williams pinball machine. Local Business Nov 08, 2020 · 1993 Gottlieb - WIPEOUT pinball . Unfortunately, The Shadow suffers from quite a few niggling little problems. & Wilson, T. Hence Mr. Thank you for visiting the Pinball Price Guide website. Great pitch and bat game. When the crated machine arrives, inspect the cardboard, pallet, and wrap. Anyway, here it is: TAF Manual Table of Contents (HTML) Pinball Mike | Arcade Manuals & Schematics | Williams/United Arcade Manuals & Schematics Williams/United Arcade Manuals & Schematics Pages: The other day the DMD just went “poof” on one of my machines. This is very convenient. 00 Inc GST Arcade Manuals, Monitor Manuals, Jukebox Manuals, Pinball Manuals, Arcade Art, & Flyers. Call Roy @ (201) 843-7054 | Email: remote16@aol. Grand America Jukebox buys, sells and services pinball machines – arcade games – video games – bowling machines – and gun games for your home Grand America Jukebox will Repair or Service your Pinball Machine in the St Louis Missouri and surrounding Illinois areas In Home Pinball Repair Countdown, Dragon, Genie, Hulk, Joker Poker, Pinball. Assembly of first round of units begins. This is a pic of Tim Arnold's house and machines. January 21, 2006 - Initial orders complete and ready to ship. com specials sale. Sub-labeled as #1027. Full Connector Upgrade Kit Pinball Machine & Arcade Repairs Mr Pinball Australia has the Largest Factory Parts & Repair Facilities in Australia Authorised Repairers for Bally Williams, Jersey Jack Pinball, American Pinball, Heighway Pinball and many others. Williams Pinball 2000 Repair Guide Fixing the most advanced pinball system ever. Add yourself to its pinball owners map, find out andor participate in its rating, go up. Check List When Buying A Pinball. Pinball Glass shows cars racing the track Full playfield layout Side artwork is painted in red, white and blue. List of Bingo Pinball Models. Call us at 830-598-2694, or Email us! GameBoardsUSA@Gmail. 1993 Williams - INDIANA JONES pinball . Pinball Compendium 1930-1960 Book $ 99. W. Does anyone know what happened to the Atari Pinball Repair Guide at pinrepair. 1 WPC (Alphanumeric) Funhouse Harley-Davidson The Machine: Bride of Pin*Bot 2. Pinball Buyer's Guide the purpose of this site was to create a place where good folks can hang out and see what pinball machines are actually selling for in the real world today, and to learn for themselves how to judge what a pinball is actually worth. With all three balls in the trough it still thought a ball was missing. This includes pinball games, pitch and bats (baseballs), bowlers, gun games, etc. Here at Williams Amusements we have a variety of pinball machines, ranging from  This document should help if you just bought your first (or second, or third) Williams pinball "as-is", and hope to fix it. 00. Pinball Compedium 1970-1981 Book $ 99. If you don't have one yet, your going to need one constantly to maintain a pinball game. 0. Look closely at the photos. If you notice any damage, make sure the driver takes pictures of it and notes it on your delivery slip. 99 $ 7. Batman Manual – Used $ 55. Europe's largest range of new and classic pinball machines for sale reconditioned to the highest standard. 95 BALLY THE ADDAMS FAMILY Pinball Machine Game Operations Manual & Operator's Handbook #5405 for sale We carry thousands of parts for Williams/Bally, Stern, Sega, Gottlieband Capcompinball machines. 4. 1 System 3 2. Pinball Acorn Nuts. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Pinball Machines in Detroit, MI. 156 Created Date: 3/3/2005 11:40:00 AM HIGH SPEED By WILLIAMS 1986 ORIGINAL PINBALL MACHINE MANUAL w/ SCHEMATICS #HighSpeedPinball #PinballManuals Saved by Chameleon Collectibles Machine Service Parts Catalog Repair Manuals Pinball High Speed The Originals Ebay Apr 22, 2015 · 1963 Williams Major League Pitch and Bat Repair (EM) Posted on April 22, 2015 by Matthew Mandarano I don’t know electro-mechanicals like I do solid state games, a large part being that I have only owned one EM in my entire collecting career; however, I have ended up fixing a few and like the challenge. 115 W. I find after i do a repair guide, the popularity of that system of game rises a bit, which helps feed the repair guide, making it better. Feature Articles and Stories. Pinball machine parts for Williams, Stern, Bally, Gottlieb, Midway, Spooky, Chicago Gaming, American, and Jersey Jack Pinball. Plus Much More Other Assorted Arcade & Coin Op Related Info. sale is over kia on DE Data East Simpsons Pinball Free Play Cards; John Busse on 1978 Stern Nugent Restoration; PAM on 1977 Gottlieb Cleopatra Repair; Pinball Shark on 1984 Williams Space Shuttle Restoration; Chris West on 1984 Williams Space Shuttle Restoration; Pinball Shark on 1985 Williams Sorcerer; Howard Fewell on 1985 Williams Sorcerer Hi, i just acquired a Jokerz pinball machine. By Kerry Imming, Rochester MN, USA . net) 1977-1980 Gottlieb System 1 1980-1989 Gottlieb System 80/80A/80B 1989-1996 Gottlieb System 3 Williams and Bally/Williams Bally Pinball Game Playfield Parts Guide - 1987 / 1986-1987 / ~120 Pages: Black Belt, City Slicker, Hartbody, Autodome, Heavy Metal Meltdown, Party Animal, Special Force, Strange Science . White plastic flippers are readily available for Williams machines. € 4. com. Drop Target Disassembly Guide (papinball. VR102-145 $1. From 11 April 2008 I am certified Service Man for Brunswick Bowling Machines GSX . Nisbett, R. Bally: Electronic Pinball Repair Procedures FO560: Electronic Pinball Repair Procedures FO560-1: Electronic Pinball Repair Procedures FO560-2: Electronic Pinball Repair Procedures FO560-3: Flash Gordon: Freedom: Future Spa: Lost World: Power Play: Space The schematic is ALWAYS more important than the manual. Shows and Auctions. February 19, 2006 - A nice endorsement from Peter regarding the CPU tester. ONLY $9. : 2 types of springs. Results 1 - 48 of 84 WILLIAMS Pinball SYSTEM 11, A, B, C MPU / CPU Board FLAT RATE REPAIR Service. Please see the ROM section of this guide for instructions on this modification. The cabinet is faded. As mentioned above, throw in the warranty and you get a higher price, but in most cases worth it, especially to someone who knows nothing about pinball machine repair. Repair method for Williams cpu model 9. In this installment, I walk through the process of rebuilding the power supply-portion of a Bally/Williams WPC DMD board. williams pinball repair guide

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