Programme At a Glance

Day 1 (10 December 2022)

Target Audience : Healthcare Professionals, Laboratory scientist, Students, Trainees

Session 1:  Genetic Counselling in the era of precision medicine

  • Preparing the counselling workforce for the genomic wave
  • Overview of genetic counselling services in the region
  • Forum: Integrating genetic counselling in patient care to ensure responsible use of genetic profiling

Session 2: Genetic testing now and in future

  • Genetic profiling: from diagnosis to risk prediction
  • Whole genome sequencing: who wants to know?
  • Ethical, social and psychological impact of direct-to-consumer genetic testing
  • Debate : Genetic profiling creates more societal harm than good

Session 3: Diagnosis and Genetic Counselling for Rare disease

  • Updated approach in the diagnostic odyssey of rare diseases
  • Providing support for patients and their family members: a genetic counsellor’s role
  • Treatable inherited conditions re- visited (Sponsored symposium by Novartis)
  • Genomic sequencing as the first-line diagnostic testing: impact on clinical management for rare genetic disorders (Sponsored symposium by 3billion) 
  • Q&A and case study discussions

Session 4:  Utility of cancer genetic testing

  • Genetic profiling for cancer treatment decision making
  • Updates on Genetic counselling and testing for hereditary breast, ovarian, prostate and pancreatic cancer
  • Updates on Genetic counselling and testing for colorectal cancer
  • Comprehensive genomic profiling – a new paradigm in oncology (Sponsored symposium by AGTC Genomics)  
  • Q&A and case studies discussion

Session 5: Genetic Counselling Challenges in Reproductive genetics

  • Prenatal Genetic Testing  
  • Genetic counselling for Preimplantation Genetic Testing and Carrier Screening
  • Q&A and Case studies discussion

Day 2 (11 December 2022)

Target Audience: Public, Support Groups, Patient

  • Introduction to genetic counselling
  • What can a genetic test tell me?
  • Carrier screening and newborn screening – What can these tests tell me?
  • Dilemma in prenatal genetic testing
  • Can genetic testing tell me my risk of cancer?
  • Forum: Genetic counselling for all (Clinical Geneticist, Genetic Counsellors, Advocacy & Patient Support Groups)
  • Question and Answer Sessions

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Master in Medical Science (Genetic Counselling), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia